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Where you can see the Písek town coat of arms

The Písek coat of arms is formed by a silver blockstoned fortification wall with embattlements and an open gate on a blue background. Behind the walls are two towers each with a window, red roof, and golden finials. The two-tailed lion of Bohemia is between them on a red background. A crescent moon and six-pointed star are above, with two more stars even with the tower walls.

The coat of arms can be seen on several buildings in the town, the oldest of which is on the stone portal of the Deanery Church. The adjacent parish house also displays an artistic variation of the coat of arms. Not far from here is the former Hotel Dvořáček displaying the town coat of arms as one of eleven sgrafitti works by Mikoláš Aleš. The Plague Pillar on Alšovo Square also bears a copy of the original stone coat of arms. The original is found in the town hall building where another coat of arms is painted in stucco on a frontispiece. Other places where the coat of arms may be found include the bank on the southern end of Velké náměstí, or on the Municipal Electric Power Plant.