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The Písek Stone Bridge
(Kamenný Most)

This national cultural monument was built at the same time as the town by order of the king before the end of the 13th century. It is at least half a century older than the famous Charles Bridge in Prague, and the only older bridge of its typein Europe is in Bavaria's Regensburg.

This pearl of Písek is built from stone blocks, some of them still bearing the stonemason's emblem. The bridge has seven arches, is 111 meters long, and used to be flanked by a defense tower on each side, neither of which have survived.

18th century Baroque statues of St. Jan of Nepomuk with angels, St. Anne, St. Anthony of Padua, and the Calvary adorn the sides of the bridge; the original works have been replaced by replicas.

The bridge has been threatened by floods several times. The last great flood in 2002 covered it completely with the waters of the Otava River which tore down the sides, one of the angels, and damaged the bridge floor. The public collection also contributed to the quick repair of the bridge, so, standing on it, now you can easily enjoy the view of Písek.

The bridge is freely accessible all year round.