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Havlíčkovo Square

The dominant structure of Havlíčkovo Square is the statue of St. Florian. The square used to bear his name, and before that it was called The Goats Yell. The statue of St. Florian, the protector against fires, was installed here in 1735. Next to the house with the symbol of the stag hunt is an elegant little square called ‘In the corner’, through which invaders entered Písek on 30 September 1620 to destroy and burn the town.

Today the square and its surrounding streets are part of the town's pedestrian zone and offer several shops and places to sit. From here, you have several possibilities how to get to Palackého Gardens. This town park arose in the location where the fosse and bank used to be, in front of the town fortification walls in the 1840s. Apart from a walk or sit-down in the shadow of trees, you can find cafes, restaurants and playgrounds here.