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Jewish monuments

Local synagogue was built in the Moorish style in the center of town between Smetanova and Soukenicka streets in 1869. The synagoge was discontinued during the occupation and used as a warehouse after the war. At present the synagogue is undergoing reconstruction.

A Jewish cemetery was established beyond the town towards Prague in 1879. The last burial here took place during the Nazi occupation. In 1938 the local poet and writer Richard Weiner was buried here. Because the cemetery was badly damaged during the war and afterwards, there were thoughts of removing it, so Weiner's remains were transferred to the Forest cemetery in 1987. This is also the place where Kamila Stösslová, girlfriend of the composer Leoš Janáček, found her final resting place. The cemetery was reconstructed into its present form between 1991-1993. The key can be borrowed at the Tourist information centre.