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The path of the stones of suffering

Along the 1.5 km long path ascending from the area U Vodáka through the picturesque natural park up to a lookout place known as “Vyhlídka píseckých lesníků“, below the Jarník peak (609 m), 14 impressive stones have been placed. Each one weighs five to seven tons and has unusual and diverse colours. Stone itself symbolizes a load and a burden of the people of today: LACK OF LOVE – REMORSE – EXPULSION – BREAK-UP OF A FAMILY AND RELATIONSHIPS – LOSS OF TRUST AND FAITH – LONELINESS – DEPRESSION – VIOLENCE AND HATRED – ENVY – SEPARATION OF PARTNERS – BETRAYAL – LOSS OF JOB – ILLNESS – DEATH OF A LOVED ONE

A unifying artistic element of the path is a circle symbolizing unity, the Absolute, infinity and eternity. Its principle is present in each of the sufferings and reaches its climax at the Station of Hope. The form of this sculpture is beyond any comparison, but the motif of the circle unites it with the whole. It is not a burden any more, it is a promise.