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Church of the Erection of the Holy Cross

This church commemorates the former Dominican Monastery which was built south of this spot in the late 13th century and stood until 20 August 1419, when it was destroyed by the local Hussites. Tradition holds that the monks were thrown down the rocks into the river, and the monastery was destroyed and burned. The seat of the Dominican order was renewed after the Battle of White Mountain, but it was definitively terminated during the reforms of Joseph II.

The monastery church has a striking Renaissance sgraffiti facade – a reminder of the time when the building served as the municipal salthouse. The symbol of the Dominican order can be seen above the left portal. After the monastery was discontinued and the church was made accessible to the public from the town square, the church had to be modified from the inside, so now the Baroque altar is oriented to the west. A Schwamberg crypt from the 17th century is below the floor. Two bells hang in the tower; the older from 1575 is the work of the renowned Czech bellmaker Brikcí of Cimperk.

The church opens at mass times.