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Monuments of Písek

The most well-known monument in Písek is the "Lion", made of fine-grained sandstone in 1861 on the site of a former castle moat. The Lion is reminiscent of a tragic battles of 1859, when 871 men of the Písek Military Garrison fell at Melegnano and Solferino in northern Italy.

In the Palackého Gardens are monuments of the historian and politician František Palacký and the poet Adolf Heyduk.

A monument to the legionaries stands on Mírové Square.

More monuments were erected after 1989, for example one honoring the Písek pilots serving in the Royal British Air Force at the end of the Palackého Gardens or to the victims of the WWII at the New Bridge. Another monument dedicated to the American Army who liberated Písek in May of 1945 is near the intersection of Pražská Třída and Národní Svobody streets. Near the Stud Farm a monument of meeting of the armies was erected on the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the end of this war.

A modern monument to political prisoners and to Jan Hus is in the park on Husovo Square.