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Provincial Stud Farm

This horse-breeding facility was opened on the outskirts of Písek in 1902. The horses were then cared for by soldiers; in 1923 the stud went into civilian administration. Locally bred was the legendary Ardo, who was the model for the horse at the St. Wenceslas Memorial in Prague (one of the sculptor's studies now stands in the courtyard). You can visit the stud with regular tours or during events such as breeding days, horse races etc. The stud, in red masonry, was declared a national cultural monument in 2010.

tours (in Czech language): Mon, Wed, Fri 14 h or on request; the farm is also open at special events

U Hřebčince 479, CZ-39701 Písek
T +420 382 214 121, E hrebcinec.pisek