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Deanery Church of the Birth of the Virgin Mary

The three-nave Deanery Church from the middle 13th century originally had two identical towers. One of them was raised in 1489 and now reaches a height of 71 meters. The big church tower that is undoubtedly the dominant feature of the town of Písek is now open to public. You can climb 210 stairs to the gallery at a height of 42 metres if you make a reservation at or in the Písek Tourist Information Centre.

The architectural harmony tells us that the church was the work of the same smeltery that worked on the Písek and Zvíkov Castles. Inside the church, consecrated to the Virgin Mary, are Gothic wall murals. The Renaissance scutcheons of the northern nave are from the 16th century. Almost all of the present-day furnishings are neogothic. A copy of the picture of the Písek Madonna is on one of the side altars – the original was stolen in 1975. The baroque chapel of St. John of Nepomuk, built additionally, is decorated with a coloured town view of the mid-18th century.

The church opens at mass times.