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Baroque town hall

The dominating structure of the Velké náměstí Square is the two-storey building with two towers built between 1740-1767. The town administration moved here from the older spaces of the former royal palace, which were proving unsuitable. You can see the town's coat of arms in the triangular frontispiece of the town hall, above it the statues of Justice, Strength, and Patience together with decorative vases. The facade is embellished with a memorial plaque to honour local heroes – the humanistic scholars Jan Kocín of Kocínet and Václav Hladič of Písek. The building originally had arcades, like most of the other houses on the square, but these were removed in the middle 19th century. The historic town hall is now one of the buildings of the town offices. The original town coat of arms from the Plague Pillar on Alšovo Square can be seen on the wall of the entrance staircase to the first floor. The glockenspiel from the town hall tower will please your ear every hour on the hour.

The building is opened during office hours.