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Municipal power station

Originally a mill and waterworks, it was turned into a hydroelectric power station in 1888, when the electrical equipment of František Křižík was placed here. Písek thus became the first municipality in Bohemia with permanent public lighting. In 1901, two Francis turbines were installed, which are still in use. After it was refurbished, a museum of lighting was opened in 1997. Visitors can also see the historic facility in operation and relax on the adjacent island below the weir on the Otava River.

open: IV-VI, IX-X  9-16 h (Sat 9-18 h), VII-VIII  9-18 h, XI Sat-Sun, 17.11. 9-16 h

V Podskalí 2537, 397 01 Písek
T +420 737 605 605, E

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