Bridges of Písek

30 thousand inhabitants of Písek have 8 bridges over the Otava River at their disposal. Of course, the most famous is the 13th century building – the famous Stone Bridge, the oldest preserved in the country. In 1941 the so-called New Bridge was built. In addition, the Jirásek Bridge was built in the northern part of the town and in the West two bridges serving mainly automobile and railway transport.

There are three footbridges – the oldest of them is the footbridge over the Municipal Island. Modern is the footbridge to the Portyč housing estate and the latest project is Dagmar Šimková's footbridge over the Wenceslas Weir.

The closest bridge structures outside the city are also important for tourism – the Zátavský Bridge upstream of the Otava River and the "Gas" Footbridge (Plynová lávka) along its course.