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Into the forest of the Písek Hills

The 25 km long rugged ridge heading southeast from the town to the Vltava River valley is the heart of the forested area known as the Písek Hills. In Czech they are known as Písecké Hory, literally meaning mountains, but that come from the word "hornictví", meaning mining – this area used to be a mining region in the Middle Ages.

The hills have an altitude of 350-632 meters above sea level, while the highest hill is Velký Mehelník, full of legends about robbers. The Písek Hills area is a natural park and serves as a recreational area near the town, mostly in the areas above Písek itself where there is a dense network of forest trails and paths. The close proximity of the hills to the town makes it an ideal location for those who are less fit as well as for families with children. The park is also ideal for bicycling and cross country skiing in the winter.

There are many points of interesting to discover while wandering – the Jarník lookout tower which offers a beautiful view of the surroundings from a height of 35 meters, the mouflon game preserve, and pleasant seating at the Živec cottage (under renovation in 2019) in the midst of the forest.

The area is restricted to automobile traffic, so a good starting point for drivers is the parking lot at the Beran Pond in the area known as "U Vodáka". From there also leads the Path of Painful Stones, which creates a meditative space in the open air.