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Where Švejk wandered

Písek and South Bohemia are inseperable from the wanderings of the Good Soldier Švejk. It's possible to walk from Písek to Putim, where Švejk was arrested and interrogated by Sergeant Flanderka at the gendarmerie. From the Putim Gate, where you will find an information board with a map of Švejk's Budějovice anabasis, start off along the river towards the hotel U Smetáka with its relaxation site.

Continue on to the confluence of the Otava and Blanice Rivers, then it's just a short walk through the woods to Putim. The dominant feature of the village is the Church of St. Laurence. The grave of Jan Cimbura is in the local cemetery, the real hero of the novel by Jindřich Šimon Baar with the same name. You'll even find the guard house known from the filmed adaptation of Hašek's work.