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Písek celebrates 777

In 2020, 777 years passed since the first written mention of the town of Písek. This is documented in a document of King Wenceslas I from 1243 issued "apud Pezch", i.e. "in / near Písek". Písek was founded to protect gold panning places and trade routes crossing the Otava River and also to strengthen royal power in southern Bohemia. The seat developed successfully and, in addition to the center of trade and crafts, it also became an important center of culture and education, later referred to as "South Bohemian Athens". Thanks to its surroundings, it gained the adjective "town in the sea of ​​forests". At the beginning of the 20th century it was known as the "town of students and pensioners", in the second half it became famous as the "town of textiles" and in the 21st century it was profiled as one of the best cities to live in the Czech Republic.

Just like in human lives, Písek has experienced difficult periods of its existence. Despite them, Písek matured into a town that is based on local customs, but which also likes to move forward and inspire others. Inhabitants of Písek are justifiably proud of their town and its anniversary. Due to epidemy the celebration of the town's 777th birthday took place in the end of August 2021 during the Town Festival.